Bhutan Visa and Permits

Bhutan Visa and Permits

Application for a Bhutan visa can be processed by a travel/tour agent through the Tourism Authority of Bhutan. Once the visa has been processed you will be sent a visa number (automatically forwarded to all Bhutan's National Air Carrier: Druk Air). Without a visa number, you may be denied boarding Druk Air's planes. A visa is then granted on arrival at Paro Airport for a total of US $40 (with US $10 tax, subject to revision by the Bhutanese government) for 14 days. You can apply for a visa extension for an additional fee.

In order to get a visa for Bhutan, you need to forward your passport details 4 weeks in advance to a local agent. Supply Name (exactly as it appears on your passport), Passport Number, Date of issue, Validity, Occupation, Nationality, Date of Birth and Home Address.


Note: Bhutan's National Tourism organization has embarked on a protection campaign to preserve Bhutan's as the Forbidden Kingdom of lore. The unofficial word is that yearly tourist numbers are limited to 6,000.

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