Tibet Trekking

Tibet Trekking

A trekking in Tibet is mostly a walking trip to its famous mountains and lakes and at times it is a walk from one monastery to another monastery in a remote village. Here are some of the main trekking tours in Tibet.

21 Nights 22 Days Mount Kailash Trek

Mount Kailash Trek For most travelers to Far-west Tibet the prime focus of their journey is the sacred peak of Mount Kailash(6,658 metres). This extraordinary mountain is regarded as the "heart of the world", the center of Asia, by Buddhists, Hindus and the followers of other spiritual traditions. Of all special destinations for the travelers to reach, Mount Kailash is surely one of most sublime and sacred.

17 Nights 18 Days Mt Amnyemagen Trek

Mt Amnyemagen Trek The holy mountain Amnyemaqen, with an altitude of 6282 meters high above sea level, lies in Qinghai province, neighboring with the north-east region of Tibet. The mountain is covered by the snow all year round and the glacier brooks form the headstreams of the Yellow River. Every year many pilgrims come to the holy mountain to worship and pray for luck and prosperity.

9 Nights 10 Days Ganden to Samye Trek

Ganden to Samye Trek Ganden-Sayme is one of the most beautiful and popular trekking destinations in Central Tibet and it takes about 4-5 days to pass through Shuga-la (5250m). This adventure partly makes very appealing as you would start the trekking from Ganden monastery and end in Yarlung valley where you can visit Samye Monastery and Yumbulhakhang. You will have an opportunity to explore Lhasa while you acclimatize ...

19 Nights 20 Days Tibet Everest Base Camp Trek

Tibet Everest Base Camp Trek The trek from Kharta to Khangsung, the eastern face of Mt. Everest, is one of the most gorgeous in the world. It takes 6 days for a round trip. The entire region from Kharta to the Kama Valley

Gyama Trek

Gyama Trek Gyama valley is a broad agricultural tributary of the Kyi Chu river, situated to the east of Lhasa. Barley fields sprawl across this valley floor, which is splendid with small villages, settlements and temples, including the shrine commemorating the birthplace of Song Tsen Gampo. It will be 4 days walk from Gyama to Samye and is one of the finest treks in central Tibet. After visiting Samye Monastery, ...

33 Nights 34 Days 34 days trekking in Tibet

34 days trekking in Tibet The Roof top of the world Tibet offers almost unlimited potential for trekking and walkers. From the frigid high northern plains to the steamy jungles of the southeast, Tibet is a land of rich cultural and ecological contrasts. The most popular trekking is in the centre of the region; close to cultural rich towns and easily accessible via modern highways..

22 Nights 23 Days Lhasa - Mt. Kailash - Guge Kingdom Tour

Lhasa - Mt. Kailash - Guge Kingdom Tour The Kingdom of Guge, founded in 868 and became a focal point for the preservation of Buddhism in Tibet until the 17th century. After the assassination of King Lang Darma in 842 by his own brother, the Buddhism in Tibet was completely snuffed out for nearly 100 years. In 1040, a renowned Indian Master named Atisha arrived in Guge Kingdom