What to bring with you

What to bring with you

What to bring with you for tibet travel

High altitude medications: In the first few days after arrival, you may experience some degree of altitude reaction. Colds, insomnia and digestive disorders are common. In addition to the normal medications for traveling, like the Aspirin and Ibuprofen etc, it is advisable to take anti-altitude sickness drugs to cope with oxygen deficiency. You'd better ask your doctor for suggestions. 

Sunglasses: Sun radiation is extremely strong in Tibet because of its high altitude and the atmosphere. The sunlight in Lhasa is so intense that the city is called Sunlight City. Strong UV is harmful to both eyes and skin, so don't forget to pack your sunscreen, sunglasses, lip creams and sun block. 

Proper clothing: Situated high above sea level, Tibet has fairly cold weather even in summer. Air temperature falls as the elevation rises and differs dramatically between daytime and night. Lhasa, the capital city, could have a temperature during daytime of around 10-25 Centigrade, but at night, temperature may plummet to 0 Centigrade or lower. You had better bring thick, warm coats when traveling Tibet. The roads are very dusty so consider wearing dark colored clothing. Do not forget a pair of durable and comfortable shoes, a backpack and a waist bag, which will make you move more freely. 

Learn before leaving: Equip yourself before setting out with a basic knowledge of Tibetan folklore, customs, religious beliefs, life style, natural and cultural sights, which will make for a smoother visit.